Letter to the Community

Greetings Neighbors:

 I hope you are well, all things considered.

 A lot has happened in the world and San Leandro since our meeting on Monday, February 4, 2019 regarding 1388 Bancroft. The collective goal is that the City will rebound and that we will be back to some semblance of our former lives in the coming months. I certainly hope that is true, and I am striving to stay current on work and community projects with that goal in mind.

 An important example is our 1388 Bancroft housing proposal, which I have revised significantly in response to community feedback during our February 4, 2019 meeting. Chief among community comments was that the proposal might be too dense for the nearby mostly single-family residential neighborhood. I heard that concern loud and clear and have focused a great deal of attention on reducing the number of residents while maintaining a financially viable project that fits well with the neighborhood.


The New Project is Far Less Dense


Our first application to the city included 74 units, 228 residents and 185 parking spaces. Our current proposal includes 42 units, 129 residents and 63 parking spaces. Please see the summary below.


As can be seen at our website, 1388 Bancroft consist of one, three-story building constructed of wood frame and stucco. The 42 rental units include forty (40) 980 sq. ft. two-bedroom two-bath units, and two (2) 1380 sq. ft. three-bedroom three-bath units. A total of 63 parking spaces, 58 on-site (including three AB1100 Bonus Spaces) and five off-site curbside parking spaces are included.

The 1388 Bancroft project is constructed out of high-quality materials and with an attractive design. It will be built with local union labor led by our General Contractor Nibbi Brothers.

Our spacious two-bedroom two-bath, and three-bedroom two-bath units, are designed to provide maximum flexibility for 21st Century households. The layouts work well for families with children and/or two or more working professionals who desire their own bedroom/bathroom.

Housing Crisis Persists

During 2019 the California Legislature approved, and the Governor signed, more than 100 bills that affect housing in California, and in particular, the Bay Area. Those bills were designed to address the state’s extreme housing shortage, caused by a decades-long failure to supply the area with additional housing as job growth skyrocketed. In short, new workers came to the Bay Area, but new homes were not built for them.


This led to the highest housing costs in the nation and a massive increase in homelessness, including among those who are employed in hourly-wage jobs.

The state bills, in combination with the existing laws, and a separate state policy mandating cities to build housing to meet their capacity, make it very difficult for the City of San Leandro to deny any of the four project versions we proposed for 1388 Bancroft during the past several years.

However, rather than try to impose a project on the local residents said that they do not want, we have chosen to work and listen to you. During a time when compromise is needed more than ever before, we are seeking a solution that is not simply allowed by law, but that has general consensus from the community.

Below is a brief comparison of the number of units, and bedroom, resident and parking counts for each version.



Version 4.0
42 Units

Version 1.0
53 Units  

Version 2.0
      74 Units            

Version 3.0
45 Units  

2/2 Units





3/2 Units





Total BR





Average Per BR





Total People





Parking Spaces





A Good Addition to San Leandro

We strongly believe that our proposal responds to the community feedback we received in 2019 and is viable from a financial and housing production standpoint, as follows:

·         It is buildable taking into account construction materials and union labor costs

·         It adds badly needed housing to the City of San Leandro, including housing suitable for families as well as work at home professional

·         It is an attractive addition to the neighborhood atmosphere and lifestyle

·         It will boost tax revenue and local restaurants and shops

San Leandro will soon return to its vibrant, happening self with many fine restaurants, shopping and more. Given the walkable, outdoor-oriented, highly desirable environment in the area around 1388 Bancroft, our residents will patronize local merchants and establishments and add value to the neighborhood.

In closing, we are proud of the work we have done to respond to community feedback and are very excited about the 1388 Bancroft housing proposal. Thank you for your time and attention to our submittal. We look forward to our future discussions.

Respectfully yours,

 Thomas R. Silva, CPM