Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the 1388 Bancroft Development

Q: What is the 1388?


A:  1388 represents one of San Leandro’s first major urban infill developments in the north-eastern section of the City. This project – a redevelopment of the existing obsolete 1950’s vintage medical office building – addresses the City’s need for more housing and demonstrates a creative design that provides much needed modern, two and three-bedroom, two-bath rental housing along transportation corridors.


Q: Who are the developers of the 1388?


A: 1388 is a development of Eden Realty. Thomas R. Silva, CPM is the development’s representative.


Q: What is the current state of the property?


A: The existing medical building was built in 1954 and is functionally obsolete. It is currently 65% vacant. It was purchased by the developer in February 2016 as a redevelopment opportunity.


Q: What are the developer’s goals for the 1388?


A: Our goal for the 1388 is to establish a new level of 21st century high quality market-rate rental housing that will be highly connected to the Lit San Leandro Fiber Optic Network. Our project is designed to create a new class of luxury living that will appeal to professional and highly skilled technical residents whose needs are not currently met by the San Leandro rental housing stock.


1388 addresses San Leandro’s unmet demand for high quality, modern market-rate housing. San Leandro is a happening place with many, many fine restaurants, shopping, socializing, activities and more. Given the walkable, highly desirable environment in the area, our residents will patronize local merchants and establishments; thus, boosting San Leandro’s demography and enabling additional future high quality residential, retail, commercial and industrial development.


Q: What are the proposed setbacks, height of the building and number of units and proposed parking spaces for the project?


A. The building height is 37’to the top of the third-floor roof and 44’ to the accessory roof structure. Our setbacks are 15’ from back of sidewalk along Bancroft and Joaquin and 10’ from back of walk. The building is setback 73’ from the rear property.


Q. How will 1388 help address the housing shortage in San Leandro?


A. 1388 consists of 42 for rent dwellings, 40 two-bedroom, two-bath and two three-bedroom, two-bath units, totaling approximately 40,226 sq. ft. The all electric two-bedroom, two-bath units are designed for maximum flexibility with two master suites with in-suite washer and dryer and high-end finishes and appliances. 1388 is a single three-story building of wood frame and stucco construction. A total of 55 on-site parking spaces with an additional credit for three EV accessible parking and five off-site, for a total of 63 parking spaces are included in the project, a 1.50 to one ratio to 1.00 parking ratio.


Our two-bedroom two-bath units are designed to provide maximum flexibility for 21st Century households. The layouts work well for families with children and/or two or more roommates who desire their own bedroom/bathroom. In addition, 1388 addresses the unmet demand for two-bedroom two-bath residences. As per the below RealFacts Data, San Leandro has too many one-bedroom units and too few two and three-bedroom units.


  94577 94578 94579 Total
Properties with 50+ Units           9             19          3             31
Total Units       896         2,791     344         4,031
Studio         38           298         8           344
One-Bedroom       433         1,459     106         1,998
Two-Bedroom, One-Bath       174           159       38           731
Two-Bedroom, One & ½ Bath         57           215       68           340
Two-Bedroom, Two-Bath       194           294       70           558
Three-Bedroom, One & ½ Bath           0               6       54             60


Total Number of all Two-Bedrooms                                                  1,629

Percentage of Total Stock                                                                       40.41%


Total Number of Two-Bedroom, Two-Bath Units                               558

Percentage of Total Stock                                                                         13.84%


Total Number of Two-Bedroom, Two-Bath Units in 94577                   194

Percentage of 94577 Stock                                                                       20.61%


1388 Bancroft will add 20.16% additional two-bedroom, two-bath units and two badly needed 3BD 2BA units in 94577 zip code.


Q. How Green will 1388 be?


A. 1388 Bancroft will be a very green, all electric building with a very low Common Area Energy footprint. In addition to the electric vehicle charging systems, 1388 Bancroft will have a large PV system to supply electricity for all common area usages.


The carports will host a PV Solar Array to provide power for electric vehicle charging stations for each space. We plan on working with, P.G.& E. and the City to secure BAAQMD and P.G.& E. Grants to fund the cost of the electrical vehicle PV charging system.


Q. How about bicycle features?


A. Bike Lockers – We created a secured area for 48 unbundled assigned bike lockers. Two levels of 12 lockers each along a central hallway behind a locked door. In addition, we have unassigned bicycle racks on Bancroft Avenue next to the building street entrance outside of the office area and inside the gate at the residents’ main entry to the building.


Q. What other amenities will 1388 have?


A. 1388 Bancroft will have a ground floor community room, patio, tot lot and sports lawn area all with a private Wi-Fi network for the residents’ use.


1388 Bancroft will have one 16’ tall “internet of things” 5G transmission tower with RF transparent screening on the roof of the rooftop utility building to accommodate 5G and future wireless communication in the northeast San Leandro, southeast Oakland areas.


Q. What is GreenTRIP Certification?


A. GreenTRIP is an innovative program that certifies residential and mixed-use developments that apply strategies to reduce traffic and excessive parking.


GreenTRIP transportation analysis and communication materials are used to explain the benefits and often to justify reduced parking provisions to decision makers and the public. GreenTRIP Certification provides market differentiation for the project.


With the growing demand for certifications, there are now five GreenTRIP categories:


·       GreenTRIP Standard Certification

·       GreenTRIP Platinum Certification

·       Zero Parking Building Certification

·       Existing Building Certification

·       Portfolio Certification


Q. Is 1388 BC a GreenTRIPS Certified Project:


A. Yes! 1388 Bancroft Avenue, San Leandro, CA has qualified for GreenTRIPS Standard Certification. Attached, please find a copy of the GreenTRIPS Project Evaluation Report that outlines the six ways 1388 Bancroft creates multiple trip reduction credits.


Q: What is the project’s walk score and access to public transportation?


A: 1388 BC has an 82 – Very Walkable – Walk score with many transit options. Two AC transit buses stop at the front door, 40 Oakland and 89 San Leandro BART. Four blocks east at Estudillo and MacArthur are the Nx4 and NxC TransBay buses. Four blocks west is the revitalized San Leandro Downtown, E. 14th Street with its numerous shopping, entertainment and dining options. San Leandro BART is 8/10th’s of a mile from the project site which is less than a 10-minute ride on the 89 San Leandro BART buses.


Q: What is the 1388 BC’s impact on traffic?


A: The project actually has a lower impact on traffic than the existing medical use. Below is an excerpt from Traffic Engineering Staff report on the project.


The Development Fee for Street Improvement (DFSI) is calculated for the project using the Fiscal Year 19/20 rate of $1,449.91 per residential unit, for a total of $60,896.22. A credit for the existing buildings based on the square footage provided by the Alameda County Assessor’s office was also calculated using the Fiscal Year 19/20 rate of $5.64 per square foot, for a credit of $137,864.16. Taking the credit into account, no DFSI will be due for this project. These fees are subject to change on July 1st of each year and are not vested until building permit issuance.


In addition, please remember that as per the GreenTRIPS Certification, our residents are projected to do 36% less driving and emit 36% less greenhouse gases per day as well.


Q: What is the 1388 impact on our local parks?


A: The project will contribute $714,630.00 to the local City parks account. Below is the excerpt from the Staff report.


The Park Land Acquisition fee is calculated for the project using the Fiscal Year 19/20 rate of $14,667.00 per multi-family residential unit, for a total of $616,014.00 and is due at the time of Building Permit issuance. These fees are subject to change on July 1st of each year and are not vested until Building Permit issuance.


The Park Improvement fee is calculated for the project using the Fiscal Year 19/20 rate of $2,348.00 per multi-family residential unit, for a total of $98,616.00 and is due at the time of Building Permit issuance. These fees are subject to change of July 1st of each year and are not vested until Building Permit issuance.


Q. Will 1388 contribute to any utility undergrounding efforts?


A. The applicant shall pay an in-lieu fee for future undergrounding of utilities along Bancroft and Estudillo Avenue, per the City’s Underground Utility District Master Plan, adopted September 16, 1985, amended April 20, 1992. The fee is estimated to be in the amount of $66,499.86, which is calculated using the Fiscal Year 19/20 fee rate of $1,583.33 per residential unit. This fee is due at the time of Building Permit issuance. This fee is subject to change of July 1st of each year and are not vested until Building Permit issuance.


Q: What is the 1388 impact on local schools?


A: SLUSD needs more elementary and middle school students to meet its financial goals. Superintendent Mike McLaughlin is on record that we need additional elementary and middle school students to fulfill all of the Districts staffing and financial goals.


Each of these students provide an additional $9,000.00 per year in revenue to the SLUSD.


In addition, the project will pay SLUSD approximately $170,171.00 in developer school fees.


Q: Will there be any public art at the 1388?


A: We are especially proud that we submitted our Entitlement Application on Flag Day, June 14, 2018. In honor of our enduring union represented by our flag, our public Art Project will be a rooftop flag pole on the northwest (Bancroft and Estudillo) corner of the building that will be illuminated at night.


Q: Who will build 1388?


A: 1388 will be proudly built by local union labor led by our General Contractor, Nibbi Brothers of San Francisco.